altNews 11.4.2016 | Al Qaeda Election Day Threat, FBI Turmoil, and “Spirit Cooking” Rumors

In the November 4th broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan and Jay discuss updates in the information war and address the whirlwind of rumors flooding out of FBI, Wikileaks, and alternative news sources. Topics on the table include…:

  • Bret Baier walks-back his earlier report that FBI sources are saying a Clinton Foundation “indictment” is imminent.
  • A new report has come in about an alleged Election Day threat from Al Qaeda in New York, Texas, and Virginia.
  • A brief update on election betting odds and polls.
  • A discussion about the lack of tangible evidence RE: Spirit Cooking, Satanism, and child abuse within the Clinton camp. We eagerly await the final Wikileaks dump to confirm our suspicions, but will not report innuendo as fact.
  • A quick dive into some of the leaked emails being overlooked and what Julian Assange himself believes to be the most significant email.


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