altNews 11.25.2016 | Black Friday: r/pizzagate Reddit Scandal, Boycott Amazon & Sherri Papini Hoax

Since it’s Black Friday and Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and the Washington Post is antithetical to the truth, today is your reminder to buy your presents somewhere else. Drudge, ZeroHedge and others are declared to be Russian propaganda. There’s also big news over at Reddit as they shut down r/pizzagate and “spez”, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, admits to editing user comments. India is falling apart because of the War on Cash.

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  1. Hello Nathan, would it be possible soon for the Lift the veil fans and community to post comments in another section and post things as well?? Like a separate section for the fans to contribute??.
    Also if we have news that we would like to tell you to help your reporting how can we do so???

    1. I’m open to ideas like that and Jay was interested in having a forum section as well. I have a few concerns about how much participation there would be (since I have a relatively small following) and how much extra time it would demand from me in a given week. It’s probably part of the long term plan though.

      If you want to send any tips you can email me – Cheers.


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