altNews 11.16.2016 | What is the Alt-Right?

In this live broadcast, Nathan and Jay get into an interesting – and at times heated – discussion about the alt right, multiculturalism, and Twitter censorship. Nathan also provides an update on the currency collapse in India.


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  1. I don’t know if you guys still read comments after the live show, but whatever. First, love the show, yada yada yada.
    Second, I think Jay is wrong on this subject for the following reasons. Colonialism was the most successful global occurrence of one culture literally overtaking other cultures. Manifest destiny explicitly states the philosophy and does refer to Christianity as a justification. In contrast, the Ottomans were Muslims and ruled over much of the Middle East for hundreds and hundreds of years and did not force conversion of the Jews or Christians, on average. Most Middle Eastern countries have ancient and strong Christian communities that are doing OK. However, I don’t think any religion is truly trying to take over the world… Regardless of the details found in holy books, people mostly just want to live a full and comfortable and happy life. I think different peoples form alliances to compete for power and limited resources, and religion/race/language is a great way to motivate and unite people. Sometimes a relative equilibrium is reached, at which point there is relative peace. But western forces are occupying the Middle East with weapons, not the reverse. Most globalist CEOs are not Muslims. So, I have to fully agree with Nathan, and I am surprised that Jay holds this opinion.


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