altNews 11.14.2016 | Trump on 60 Minutes, Paid Protesters & Hillary Blames Everyone But Herself

In today’s episode of altNews, Nathan and Jay continue to dissect the societal fallout from the U.S. presidential election. Topics on the table include:

  • A story from Nathan about what he learned about racism, anger, and sexual assault on his recent trip to Oakland, CA.
  • Donald Trump’s appearance on 60 Minutes and whether or not he has already begun reneging on campaign promises to #DrainTheSwamp.
  • Viewer calls! We discuss different perspectives of this turbulent news cycle with some awesome viewers.
  • Another potential shooting hoax Nathan has uncovered.

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Comment (5)

  1. Recently read that Trump will be (might be) finishing the fence that Obama started to build. There’s another country that’s good in wall-building (in occupied country), not much in the ‘news’ anymore.
    But it’s all acting, it’s tv. Who writes the script ?

  2. Recently somebody said … there is no ‘alternative media’, it’s ‘media’. And there is good and bad media.

    Another thing … is the result of the elections not also a result of the Obama presidency ?

  3. Wondering if those people harassing Latinos, muslims, etc. are really Hillary’s people dressed up as Trump supporters? Where are the videos, so we can see for ourselves?


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