altNews 11.11.2016 | Soros & Mainstream Media Protest Trump while Huma Weeps

The post-debate fallout continues. In today’s broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan and Jay give updates and commentary on:

  • The nationwide anti-Trump protests orchestrated by George Soros & company.
  • The popular vote, the electoral college, and whether or not Donald Trump could’ve won both if he tried (Nathan and Jay disagree).
  • Huma Abedin’s re-appearance into public life.
  • The fifty “counterterrorism officials” that have come out to voice concern over Trump’s presidency.
  • The fall of paper money and our transition to a global digital currency, with special attention on the Indian rupee.
  • Donald Trump, the future, and life itself with viewer-caller Alberto from Queens, NY!
  • Russia.
  • Jay tells a story about going to LA.

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