YouTube Caught Rigging Views on Project Veritas Voter Fraud Exposé

When James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released part one of an explosive multi-part exposé accusing the Democratic party of rigging the election, it immediately went viral. The video has been live for just over 24 hours and currently has 3.5+ million views, 83,000+ thumbs-up and 5,000+ thumbs-down. Project Veritas released part two today, which includes startling footage of Scott Foval and White House-linked Robert Creamer appearing to discuss how to commit voter fraud with temporary jobs and organized busing.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the second Project Veritas video has been censored by YouTube. How?: The official video view count is wildly out-of-sync with the statistical reality of how many views the video should have based on the thumbs-up ratio.

Watch Nathan explain by-the-numbers that YouTube is manipulating the view count. If true, this shows the election rigging goes far beyond just the media creators – the media hosts are in it as well.

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