altNews 10.26.2016 | Trump’s Polls, Farrakhan Disses Obama, WikiLeaks, More Project Veritas

In this Wednesday (10.26.2016) live broadcast of altNews, Nathan covers every inch of the American political climate. Topics on the table include:

  • The journalist cowboys over at Project Veritas released Rigging the Election – Video IV today. The fourth video emphasizes the role of money in the race, and the extent to which Robert Creamer is involved in nefarious activities. We at altNews encourage people to focus on the evidence of electoral rigging seen in Video II, if our goal is to make an effective argument against the mainstream media narrative.
  • Part of Donald Trump’s success has been his articulation of who the enemy of humanity is. An awakening seems to be happening: people are becoming self-aware and self-reliant. For once, Nathan is optimistic about the future.
  • Nathan provides another breakdown of the rigged mainstream media polls, and the current press obsession with speculating about post-election violence.
  • The U.N. has announced that 2016 will be the deadliest year for migrants crossing the Mediterranean, but Nathan disagrees –  the migrant crisis is a hoax, and we have some pretty compelling dolls to prove it.
  • A Wikileaks discovery no one else is talking about – start at 47:23 to find out what it is.


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