altNews 10.12.2016 | Rigged Polls, War Propaganda from MSM, WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton & Everyone Blames Russia

Nathan with all of the days news, including the troubling war propaganda coming from the New York Times, Reuters & other MSM outlets.


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  1. Can you let me know how I can Sign Up For The Page? It keeps circling me around from log in to sign up to log in to sign up. Anyways looking forward to doing that and contributing! Until next time be good be great!

  2. I’m so hurt…You moved and didn’t leave me your forwarding address.
    I had to stalk you to this location. I have a new bookmark on my browser now.
    Congratulations on movin’ on up!

  3. I am so sad about this video, so unlike your better efforts.

    Your ignorance of the Syrian people–not to mention medical matters– and what is actually going on there is not unusual for people in the West, but there is no excuse if you are someone who purports to be honest.

    As someone who has worked with war refugees for years, and who had a 35+ year career in ER and critical care medicine, I say you are way off. Maybe you have watched to much of TV and movies, and American hoaxes.

    The horror that Israel and the USA (and their mercenaries) are wreaking in Syria is so bad that it is traumatic to even hear the truth about it. The cell phone videos I have seen from refugees would not be allowed on YouTube–apparently only the ones made by Rita Katz and Company are allowed.

    Yes, the children of Syria are beautiful–they do not eat GMOs and Monsanto’s garbage. They are cherished, not left in daycare or in hot cars. Food is subsidized by the govt., Syrian banks, which are not Jew owned like ours, pay out 11% interest on savings, education is completely free–even medical school–there is no such thing as student debt, there is no usury allowed. Education is real and superior to ours especially in math and science, there is almost no divorce, no nursing homes, because families care for each other, and almost no crime (at least before the war). Healthcare is free, medicine is free. Syria owes no debt to any country or Christians who still speak Aramaic–the real language of Jesus Christ.

    Syrians are hospitable, polite, cultured, dignified, and generous. They are very clean and well groomed, and dress as well as they can, unlike the US where obese, sick, people go around in sweats and sneakers and you can barely tell men from women.

    American mercenaries, Israelis, Chechens, and refuse from Saudi jails ( threatened with decapitation if they do not join “ISIS”) have invaded a peaceful country, which has already had it’s watershed land stolen by Israel in 1967 (the Golan), and now has it’s oil and gas reserves –which have been traded on the Israeli stock exchange for over five years–looted and shipped through Turkey.

    It’s all part of the Yinon plan for greater Israel.

    And the beginning of WWIII.


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