altNews 10.24.2016 | New Project Veritas, Rigged Polls, MSM Cracks on Clinton

Nathan is live with all the breaking news. On the agenda this Monday, 24 October 2016:

  • Project Veritas released part 3 of their exposé on campaign collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The big reveal this time? Donald Duck costumes, and HRC’s request for them to be strategically used at Trump rallies.
  • The latest polls are rigged: expert analysis reveals that the numbers showing Donald Trump dramatically behind Hillary Clinton are statistically impossible. BONUS: John Podesta shares tips on how to rig the mainstream media polls in a new Wikileaked email.
  • The media has finally begun asking tough questions of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Clinton Foundation pay-to-play in Morrocco is even on the table, now. Special journalistic recognition goes to Chris Wallace of FOX.
  • An update in Syria: Will the U.S. stop supporting rebel groups? It looks like it…
  • China, and how ‘big data’ will be used to give citizens a grade on their online activity.
  • How you can help support! Email us your artwork:

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  1. Great analysis of the news. You crack me up! What a fun week this will be! After the year so far, I’m ready for the crossing over. There is a wide grin on my face most days now. It came on after reading that Podesta lost his phone in a cab, hence the wikileaks….so much for that Russian excuse…lol. Good news if the Syrian debacle is really coming to an end. I’m confident that I’ll keep smiling. I’m going to vote on Tuesday!


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