Massive Early Voter Turnout In Same Georgia Town as Democratic Party Campaign “Sewage” Bus.

By Jay Stephens


A Democratic Party bus was caught illegally dumping raw sewage on the side of a road in Gwinnett County, GA today. The DNC immediately went into damage control, calling the incident “an honest mistake,” and issuing an apology to the community.

But the real story might be even more disturbing.

The Democratic Party bus in question was found in the very same Georgia town and county where unprecedented early-voter turnout is currently taking place. A same-day article from 11 Alive Atlanta:

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA — Long lines formed for the second straight day at early voting sites. Tens-of-thousands of people in Georgia have already voted – and there are three more weeks until election day.

Long lines formed outside the Gwinnett County Board of Elections office. For now, it’s the only location in Gwinnett offering early voting. But those locations will multiply and the hours will expand for the week prior to the election.

Yet with all those hours and locations available, folks still opted to stand in in line here.

“I just thought it would be a good time just to come out here early and get it over with,” said Teddy Murphy, who’s voting in his first presidential election. “I’m really excited to vote.”

Miranda Dale, another Gwinnett County voter told 11Alive’s Doug Richards she and her husband Michael waited three hours to vote Tuesday.

“We came yesterday and the line was extremely long so we came back today, and the line was shorter,” Dale said. “It was a long wait, but it was still shorter.”

County officials say this has never happened before.  In previous elections, the first days of early voting are typically very quiet.

1580 voters cast early ballots in Gwinnett Monday. Gwinnett has set up a schedule with the equivalent of 52 more days of early voting at a variety of locations. Many other counties have similar early voting schedules.

Gwinnett County GA Lawrenceville

Why is this coincidence significant?

A Project Veritas film released earlier today – Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud – features secretly-recorded video conversations with employees of the Democratic party establishment, wherein they casually discuss bussing people around to vote at multiple locations in order to rig election results in favor of Democratic candidates.

An additional Project Veritas video from earlier this month  features Alan Schulkin – Commissioner of Board of Elections in New York City – admitting that Democratic politicians “get buses and they move people around” to vote multiple times.

Consider this evidence, and look for more. It is smart of us to be suspicious when we find a Democratic Party bus in a county where an unprecedented 1,580 early-votes have just been cast. Where will we find Democratic Party busses spewing sewage next? Keep your eyes open.

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Comment (4)

    1. While that may give you confidence, Pamela, I still am not convinced that our election is pure.

      Jay, if you get the chance, check your Twitter, I pm’d you asking for help.

      Thank you for the article.

      1. REMEDY

        Trump Supporters need to VOTE early,
        then PARK OUTSIDE their Polling Location
        (or a Minority* Polling Location), and WATCH for
        Buses or Cars full of people going in to vote.
        FOLLOW Bus/Car to see if it takes People
        to SECOND Voting Location (to VOTE TWICE).


        * Minority Voting Locations
        I ready an article that HILLARY CLINTON Campaign
        prefers VOTER FRAUD in MINORITY Voting Locations,
        because it is assumed a high vote area for CLINTON
        and thus LESS SUSPECT to vote fraud.


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