Gwinnett County, GA: Why The DNC/Clintons Would Rig It


As first reported by altNews, a Democratic Party campaign bus was spotted spewing raw sewage in the same Georgia county where unexpectedly large early voter turnout is currently taking place. With Project Veritas in mind, the question seemed obvious – did one of those DNC vote-rigging buses just get caught on camera?

Here’s the argument:

The DNC bus in question was spotted in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Lawrenceville is the county seat of Gwinnett County – population 859,304 – and is the larger of two counties that comprise Georgia’s 7th congressional district.

Georgia’s 7th congressional district is important. After 127-years of continuous Democratic control, the last 3 representatives of Georgia’s 7th have all been Republicans who handily crushed their Democratic opponents. Trump won Gwinnett County in the primary, and local controversy erupted when a Ted Cruz delegate was appointed to represent the 7th district at the RNC convention instead. The Gwinnett County Sheriff is even on Donald Trump’s Georgia leadership team.

It would be highly unlikely for Hillary Clinton to carry Gwinnett County or, as such, the 7th district.

Nonetheless, includes Gwinnett County on it’s expertly-informed list of 50 “battleground counties” to watch in the 2016 presidential election. Of Georgia, they report:

“With its massive demographic churn, there’s no place else in Georgia quite like Gwinnett County,” said veteran Georgia political journalist Tom Baxter. Gwinnett, which is northeast of Atlanta, is emblematic of counties in Georgia (and elsewhere) where moderate, affluent, college-educated Republicans — especially women — could defect from Trump.

If Hillary Clinton is to win Georgia — something no Democratic presidential nominee has done since her husband in 1992 — she will also have to pump up African-American support in places likeClayton County (Atlanta), Chatham County (Savannah) and Muscogee County (Columbus).

Make no mistake: this is disinfo.

In a fair election, Hillary Clinton could not win Gwinnett County, the 7th district, or the state of Georgia.

Republicans have carried the state of Georgia by an average of 8 points in the last 5 presidential elections, and it would have been 9 had Bill Clinton not inched out George H.W. Bush by less than a percentage point in 1992.

Even though the reliable Real Clear Politics averaged poll still places Trump 5.5-points ahead of Clinton in Georgia, the mainstream media narrative has begun to shift:

  • Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that Clinton holds a “clear advantage” in battleground states, and names Georgia as one state that has “moved in Clinton’s direction since the previous 50-state survey.”
  • The latest YouGov model suggests Hillary Clinton is leading Trump in Georgia.
  • PBS Newshour even did a whole segment on how Clinton might win Georgia.

If a vote-rigging DNC bus a la #ProjectVeritas was really just spotted in Gwinnett County, GA, it indicates that the DNC is trying to steal the state of Georgia for Hillary Clinton.

Don’t let that happen.


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