altNews 10.14.2016 | Trump vs. Media Establishment, Podesta Emails, Syria, Russia, and World War 3

In today’s broadcast, we discuss Trump’s all-out war against the media establishment machine – especially the New York Times and Carlos Slim. Other highlights:

  • War or Peace? Obama is set to decide what our next move in Syria will be. Russian propaganda news network RT has been fast-and-furious with the nuclear war fear mongering. Are they on to something?
  • Red-handed Rothschild. A member of the famous Illuminati family (by marriage, but still…) has just been caught in the Podesta Email Wikileaks dump advising the Clinton campaign on economic message. Are we surprised?
  • Ready or not, better wake up. Our world is becoming increasingly polarized and censored. How do we fight our way through the matrix to the other side?


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Comment (3)

  1. FYI
    ‘Sangria Man’ laid back over shooting down Russian aircraft, straight out of Thunderbirds/The Saint/The Avengers is named (get this);
    Sir Desmond Swayne,
    You couldn’t make it up.

  2. Gee you 3 scared us, I kept going to ltv website no action there since the 6th, great to see you all are well and best wishes with the new site and nice to see Jay relaxed enough to be herself with the tongue thing, made us all laugh. Love your work.

  3. Oh man, I’ve been hanging out for a new video from you and then you post this one that you put out the other day. Or am I having a Mandela moment?

    On another note I’ve been thinking about this “wear red when you vote” idea. What do you you think about people adding the hashtag #IDontSupportGovernmentCorruption to their (preferably red) clothing?

    * It’s arguably the best reason not to support Hillary.
    * It doesn’t mean you lean to a particular side of politics or even that you’re casting a vote at all.
    * It puts Trump on notice in the event he wins and sells out.
    * There’s no need to buy a screen printed shirt. Just use a marker.
    * If you don’t have a red shirt you can still get your message across.
    * It’s more likely to change the minds of undecided voters.
    * It’s less likely to antagonize people into fights.


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