altNews 10.31.2016 | The FBI Files, WikiLeaks Deep Dive & Clinton Crime Syndicate

In the October 31st broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan digs deeper into the data behind recent scandals and headlines. Topics on the agenda include:

  • An internal feud at the FBI may have prompted James Comey’s startling announcement.
  • A look at the latest polls, where Trump is leading or within the margin of error in all national polls.
  • The ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which suggest ties to the Obama White House and beyond.
  • Elon Musk slowly being exposed for the snakeoil salesman he is.
  • Developments in the Cold War.
  • WikiLeaks deep dive exposing some of the cogs in the Clinton machine.

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  1. I am in eastern Pennsylvania. I only Trump signs in the area I’ve been in. I asked my son in Western Pa.what he’s seeing, and he says he hasn’t met anyone supporting Hillary, and all the signs in yards, etc. are for Trump. I’ve tuned into local talk radio and only hear support for Trump, from people who plan to vote and haven’t ever voted or haven’t voted recently, and also long-time voters from both parties. Yet the news keeps saying Hillary’s got Pennsylvania. Don’t believe it.


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