altNews 10.28.2016 | FBI Reopens Clinton Email Server Probe, President Putin speaks, Trump, and the end of the world

I join Nathan for Friday’s episode of altNews Live to talk about the American political climate and how we think the world will end.

Topics on the table include:

  • Why Nathan identifies as “alt” instead of “alt right.”
  • What’s up with Russia and how close are we to World War III?
  • President Putin’s response to all our Western nonsense.
  • Why black people are voting for Trump (hint: this is where I appear)
  • If a Trump win means a police state.
  • The latest presidential race polls
  • Currency collapse and the end of the world as we know it.
  • How you can donate to help us make more altNews!



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Comment (4)

  1. It’s all show. So all that happens is part of that show and is (probably) part of the script. He’s friends with the Clintons since long. And suddenly things are different ?

  2. Also the weiner stoking gun story could be a useful distraction to the fact that the current president lied to the American public when he said, he first found out about the private server through the television. Now that’s a big lie told with a straight face.

  3. He also served as the lead prosecutor in the case concerning the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia and whitewater Guess who?


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